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Properties - Gateway Homes - New Home Builder, Houston

Gateway Homes builds family homes throughout the greater Houston area. We are a home builder who prides ourselves on building not only quality homes but afforable homes as well. Gateway Homes has many Move-In-Ready homes available throughout Houston. Gateway Homes is a different kind of home builder - we're your partner through the entire residential home construction process. Have a closer look at Gateway's properties and floor plans below -

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Plan Elevation Address Price Beds Baths Stories Footage Status Community Video
Richwood AllAvailable to Build$04211480Available to Build!Sunset Ridge NEW SECTION NOW OPENn/a
ConroeAllAvailable to Build$168,99042.521922Available to Build!Sunset Ridge NEW SECTION NOW OPENVideo
Mansfield AllAvailable to Build$170,99042.522007Available to Build!Sunset Ridge NEW SECTION NOW OPENVideo
Fredonia AllAvailable to Build$172,99042.522263Available to Build!Sunset Ridge NEW SECTION NOW OPENVideo
Fort Worth AllAvailable to Build$179,99042.522462Available to Build!Sunset Ridge NEW SECTION NOW OPENn/a
Richmond AllAvailable to Build$185,99042.522552Available to Build!Sunset Ridge NEW SECTION NOW OPENn/a
MasonAllAvailable to Build$219,9903211785Available to Build!Olympia Estatesn/a
BaileyAllAvailable to Build$224,9903211876Available to Build!Olympia Estatesn/a
DawsonAllAvailable to Build$239,99032.522333Available to Build!Olympia Estatesn/a
BowieAllAvailable to Build$242,9903322357Available to Build!Olympia Estatesn/a
ShelbyAllAvailable to Build$272,99043.522985Available to Build!Olympia Estatesn/a
BriscoAllAvailable to Build$258,9904322705Available to Build!Olympia Estatesn/a
KendallAllAvailable to Build$248,99042.522474Available to Build!Olympia Estatesn/a
MasonAllAvailable to Build$209,9903211785Available to Build!Mittlesteadt Estatesn/a
BaileyAllAvailable to Build$211,9903211876Available to Build!Mittlesteadt Estatesn/a
DawsonAllAvailable to Build$231,99032.522333Available to Build!Mittlesteadt Estatesn/a
KendallAllAvailable to Build$235,99042.522474Available to Build!Mittlesteadt Estatesn/a
BriscoAllAvailable to Build$238,9904322705Available to Build!Mittlesteadt Estatesn/a
ShelbyAllAvailable to Build$245,99043.522985Available to Build!Mittlesteadt Estatesn/a
BowieAllAvailable to Build$232,9903322357Available to Build!Mittlesteadt Estatesn/a